The first part of the Conference will be dedicated to high value presentations and discussions with global project management professionals. The lounge area will be crowded with stands for networking, learning about new products and services to project managers and their companies.


The second part of the event will take place at the premises of international and local companies based in Vilnius with dedicated presentations and sites visits. More information about site visits and registration form can be found here. Site visits are complimentary for ONSITE ticket holders.


And after site visits we would like to see you back to TransferGo rooftop terrace for our networking party!

Keynote: Navigating Executive Expectations: "Leveraging AI to Meet PMO Demands"


Projects consume an ever-increasing slice of executive mindshare so let's explore what executives really want from the PMO. On the way we'll look at how to maximize the impact that your portfolio of projects has on your organization, your stakeholders and society at large. We'll also explore trends in technology designed to help maximize the return on investment from your portfolio and we'll even touch on some of the skills that we as a profession need to improve to keep up with the pace of change.

Data-driven decisions in project management - AI myths and reality


Data-driven decision-making in project management ensures that choices are guided by rigorous data analysis rather than intuition alone. By leveraging data, project managers gain valuable insights, optimize processes, and enhance project outcomes. Real-world applications include risk assessment, resource allocation, project forecasting, and quality control. Challenges involve data quality, bias mitigation, and privacy considerations.
The human-AI partnership emphasizes collaboration and continuous learning.

Project Manager vs Product Manager: overlapping, conflicting or enriching


Being in agile set up within SEB Baltic for couple of year where Product managers and Project managers cocreate, we have our leanings to share:
- dynamic teams vs fixed teams
- scope management vs roadmaps
- short term vs long term
- partners vs opponents

Reskilling Psychology


The What: Reskilling psychology explains how humans learn and adapt to always changing environment.
The Why: Common challenges at reskilling: no motivation, slow learning, stable believes or unconscious repeated patterns. There are ways to improve it. Psychological principals can support managers in this process.
The Benefit: Knowing how the brain works, how we learn and change habits can help PMs & PMOs to plan and influence faster learning in their project members.

International Vilnius Airport

Site visit to International Vilnius Airport. Lithuanian airports adopted a strategy to reach net zero emissions in airport operations in 2050. During this visit you will hear a presentation how Vilnius airport will control CO2 emissions in line with increasing connectivity and extension of passenger terminal. After the presentation, you will have a unique opportunity to see around the airside territory, learn what is the progress of the new terminal construction and other airside infrastructure.


Group size: 30 people

Energy Cells

Site visit to the largest project in the Baltics and one of the largest of its kind in Europe Energy cells worth 109 million Euros. Joining this site visit, you will have the opportunity to see the Battery site in Vilnius park.

Experts of Energy cells will deliver a presentation about the challenges and lessons learnt implementing this strategically important project for Lithuania’s energy security.


Group size: 20 people

Accenture Lithuania

Accenture Delivery Centers develop and scale innovations across the largest and most diversified group of strategy
& consulting, interactive, technology and operations professionals in the world.
Accenture has a broad global footprint, with offices and operations in 120 countries. Through this connected network, we unleash the power of One Accenture by applying intelligence, deep industry and functional experience and continuous innovation and agility at massive scale, to help our clients transform their businesses and lead in the New.

Accenture Advanced Technology Center in Latvia was established in 2002. As we are continuously looking for better ways to serve our clients needs, we have established new delivery location in Lithuania under joint Baltic Advanced Technology Center brand in 2021.


Group size: 20 people

SEB Lithuania

SEB is the largest bank in Lithuania, its building is included into the list of “Open house Vilnius” program. 


The building’s design is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. As of now, it is the first and only administrative building in the Baltic States to merit the Oscar Award for new construction: a BREEAM Outstanding New Construction Certificate. Minimalism and bold transparency are on display throughout the SEB building. Its strong emphasis on public spaces, innovation, and sustainability is intrinsic to modern architecture at its best.  


Group size: 30 people

TransferGo Terasa, Photo by JULIUS KALINSKAS

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